Quality control

Quality policy


LLC RK-Grand manufactures unbleached sulfate cellulose from softwood for the production of electrical insulating board, multipart cable insulation and transformer paper, fiber-reinforced cement and other products. Other products of the Mill include turpentine and tall oil.


Our quality assurance measures:

To maintain a stable economic status of the enterprise by manufacturing and selling highly competitive products that meet the expectations of our consumers, in accordance with the expected timeframes and scope of supply.
To achieve our target values in terms of quality assurance.
To implement programs designed to upgrade production processes, improve working conditions and reduce the production cost


Our quality assurance objectives in 2017:

To achieve a stable output of at least 265 tons a day by the end of 2017.
To continue our program for progressive re-equipment of the Mill with a view to ensure a seamless production process, enhance its energy efficiency, increase its production output and reduce its environmental impact.
To study and implement the latest analysis methods for measurement of parameters that are important for our consumers.
To develop the customer service function for a better understanding of customers’ needs, quick reaction to their inquiries and a higher quality of our products.


 Our policies are supported by:

The highly professional team working to achieve our goals.
The standing quality management system based on ISO 9001:2008.
The enterprise performance analysis for the purposes of decision making in order to ensure improvement of performance.


 Our commitment:

“We are committed to maintaining the current quality management system of our enterprise, and to ensuring its continued improvement”.