GTI and FC

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Refined sulfate unbleached softwood pulp 

for fibre cement: GTI and FC

Produced since 2010, in accordance with TU 17.11.12 - 004 - 18854671 - 2021

Release form and mode of transport when shipping: 

- bales of 205 kg.

- size: bale 860 х 680 х 470, package 860 х 1400 х 1410.

- bale can be tied into packages by 6 bp for easy handing of cargo.

- pulp is shippin in wagons, containers.

Used for production of fiber cement as additives in the composition.

Pulp is used for: In the constuction for production of fiber-cement piates in the ratio of approximately 10 % , as asbestos substitute.
Users of the fiber cement plates seeking high performance and reliable green building materials products triedthis product in the accredited laboratories and proved that they are 100% free from asbestos or other harmful materials such as sepiolite, inorhanic fibers or formaldehyde.

Owing to its structure fiber cement plates are practically nonflammable and environmentally clean; heatproof and cold-resistant; corrosian, UV radiation and acid rain resistant; have antiseptic properties (no subject to rotting); shockproof; have high enough acoustic insulation (unlike the metal roofing); termite-proof; have different surface patterns (corrugated sheets, lug, zigzag); special coating (imitates wood or natural stone) may be applied to the surface; time of life of the fiber cement facing materials is only second to aluminium.

 Pulp for fiber-reinforced cement is supplied to Thailand, Belgium, Brazil, Turkey, and Indonesia.


Main characteristics of cellulose

Quality indicators of cellulose          pulp grade               Test methods      
GTI       FC
Delignification degree, Kappa number 22 - 30 24 - 32 GOST 10070


- LI (L.AVG) average (on length) mm

- LW (W.AVG) average ( on weight) mm

- coarseness, mg/m









Valmet FS5

(неполяризованный свет/

non-polarized light)

ISO 16065-2

Intrinsic Viscosity (cm³/g) not less than 1000 ISO 5351:2010

Mechanical durability at a grinding in a mill TsRA to 60 +/-1 ° ShR:

- breaking length, m, not less

- burst strength,kPa, not less

- tear strength, kPa, not less






GOST 13525.1

GOST 13525.8

GOST 13525.3

Dirt - number of motes in conditional weight 500г

in absolutely dry condition in the area , from…to…,mm2, no more

0,1 - 2,0







GOST 14363.3
Humidity, % no more  than 20 GOST 16932


Note: conditions of sample conditioning as per IS ISO 554 and GOST 13523, schedule 1 (ISO 187).

Relative air humidity 50 ± 2 %; 

Temperature of 23 ± 1°С.