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Cellulose sulfate unbleached softwood capacitor grade E-2
Pitkyaranta Pulp Mill is recognized in the pulp and paper industry as a supplier of high-quality products and a reliable partner. Equipped with special technologies and treatments and the professionalism of our team, we are able to offer products adapted to the needs of our buyers. In the long term, our Mill will be developing by improving its manufacturing processes, increasing its production output, pursuing higher energy efficiency and reducing its environmental impact.
Interesting facts
  • The Mill manufactured its first batch of market cellulose in May 1921
  • The Mill achieved nationwide importance in 1948, after it became the first manufacturer in the country to launch production of condensed cellulose, and manufactured the first domestic batch of bleached sulfate cellulose in 1949
  • The Mill maintains strong positions on the cellulose manufacture market, holding a share of over 20% in the electrical grade cellulose segment
  • In 2010 the Mill launched manufacture of cellulose for fiber-reinforced cement production
  • The Mill’s sales geography includes numerous countries around the world, and its reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality products and a reliable partner keeps growing
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