EKB and E2

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Cellulose sulfate unbleached softwood

Insulating - brand EKB

Cellulose sulfate unbleached softwood capacitor grade E-2

Cellulose sulfate unbleached softwood Insulating - brand EKB

Produced since 1971, in accordance with TU 17.11.12 - 002 - 18854671 - 2021

Technology of production of EKB brand It allows you & nbsp; ensure the purity and strength of the resulting cellulose fibers, which enables a wide application of this brand cellulose

Cellulose sulfate unbleached softwood capacitor grade E-2

E-2. Manufacture of pulp grades capacitor 1948 in accordance with TU 5411-003-18854671-2015

brand E-2 production technology using mild cooking mode, provides a semi-finished product with high papermaking properties.

Raw materials: pine pulpwood.

Release form and mode of transport when shipping:

- bales of 205 kg.

- Sizes: bale 860x680x470 package 860x1400x1410.

- bale can be tied into packages by 6 bp for easy handling of cargo.

- pulp is shipped in wagons, containers.

The pulp is used to make:


cable paper

transformer paper 120 TV brands, TSS-080

a thin insulating board used in insulation products working in air

capacitor paper for high-density compact metallized capacitors for pulse capacitors

electrical insulating cardboard, used in transformers and apparatuses with oil filling

electrolytic paper with a small amount of conductive impurities QE-13, EC-15, EC-20, intended for high-voltage pads in electrical capacitors oxide

transformer paper

Cable paper naprazhenie 110-400 kV

multi-layer cable paper for voltage up to 35 kV

capacitor paper KOH type with a thickness of 4 to 9 mm

used in the manufacture of paper intended for baking.

used in the manufacture of paper intended for baking. taste shown in the tables based on independent laboratory data


It can be used to make paper for a hot filtration in the food industry.

 Electrical pulp is supplied to China, Finland, Ukraine, the UK, India, and North America.


Qualitative characteristics of cellulose

Quality indicators of cellulose                              pulp grade     Test methods

Mechanical durability at a grinding in a mill TsRA to 60 +/-1 ° ShR:

- breaking length ,m no less than

- tensile Index, N*m/g



≥ 80



GOST 13525.1
Delignification degree,Kappa 24 - 32 24 - 33 GOST 10070
Iron content, % no more than 0,002 ___ GOST 18462
Viscosity, мПа.с, no less than ___ 55 GOST 12395

Dirt- number of motes in conditional weight 500г

in absolutely dry condition in the area , from…to…,mm2, no more











GOST 14363.3
pH ( no more than) 6,4 - 7,5 8,0 GOST 12523
Moisture,% no more than 20 20 GOST 16932
Ash, no more than, % 0,3 0,50 GOST 18461

Conductivity,mS/m,no more than

at hydromodule 1: 50, not more than

at hydromodule 1: 20, not more than







GOCT 8552

Note: conditions of sample conditioning as per IS ISO 554 and GOST 13523, schedule 1 (ISO 187).

Relative air humidity 50 ± 2 %; 

Temperature 23 ± 1°С.